Frank Waln And Thomson Brothers Summary

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Even though I already knew a small amount of information about the Lakota tribe, having an actual first-hand experience was a different story. Meeting Frank Waln and the Sampson Brothers was and an amazing experience that opened my eyes. While incorporating humor in the way they told their stories, every word spoken and every step taken had an enormous amount of soul into them. In every lyric Frank Waln said went straight to my heart. His words were full of so much history and soul that it was impossible not to tap my feet to the music. Frank Waln spoke about some unjust situations I never have heard about. He talked about a time he was in an elevator and a lady complemented his braids and asked if he did them himself. Frank answered that he did and that he was Lakota. The way lady responded, shocked me. “I thought they were extinct.” Even though I was not present, I could empathize with him on how it felt like for people to think that one’s people and culture no longer exist. Frank Waln described this experience as an eye opener. He stated how this situation was one of the many reasons why he began using his talent of rapping to bring awareness to the people. In the same manner, the story he told the audience that I found disturbing was when he said…show more content…
The older brother Micco, did most of the talking. Micco talked about how his younger brother Sam one day decided to go to college and he secretly tagged along. Micco and Sam felt the same way as Frank in the way how they thought they were the only Native Americans in Chicago, Illinois. Even though Micco is a professional dancer, he is also a poet. He shared one of his most personal poems with us about his dad. Micco kept repeating how excited he was knowing that he looked a lot like his dad. When Micco said his poem, I cried. It was emotional and I could sense the joy he felt along with the sadness of not having him around
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