Frankenstein: A Fictional Narrative

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The knocking stopped suddenly although it’s echos were still in the house. “I’m sorry” The words resounded through the room, giving off an eerie atmosphere. Mrs.White slowly turned around, a mix of both fear and desperation in her eyes. “You didn’t” she whispered, as tears threatened to fall. “T-there wasn’t any other way” Mr.White stammered. “Who knows what he would’ve looked like, what he would’ve-” He was cut of by the sight of his wife collapsing to her knees. She let out quiet sobs, trembling all the while. Trying to comfort her, he rushed over and put his hands over Mrs.White’s. “It’ll be ok” he said frantically. “No it won’t!” screamed Mrs.White, pulling at her hair in frustration. “It’s not going to be ok! Everything was taken…show more content…
“It can’t be” Mr.White responded, completely horrified. “I wished you away! How could this have happened? I was sure of it!” He babbled on. His mind raced with ideas of what could have gone wrong. That’s when it hit him. He did not really wish Herbert to be gone. He just wished him away. Herbert wasn’t dead, just somewhere farther away. “Oh my god” Mr.White whispered. “Oh. My. God!” This seriously couldn’t be happening. In the heat of the moment, anyone could’ve made the same mistake he had. It was absolutely ridiculous! “Dad” Herbert spoke up once again. The young man’s voice was gravelly and weak, much different than it was before. The machine must have caused a great impact on his vocal chords. Mr.White completely ignored his son, contemplating what to do. He didn’t want his son following him back home, no matter how bad it sounded. But it was not like he could just leave him here. The old man had to act fast. So, he did what he could. He ran. Mr.White ran as fast as possible, legs burning with every step. He made up his mind that someone had to find Herbert, and when they did, he figured he would just get re-buried. Although Herbert cannot get very far no matter how hard he tries. Besides, the worse had already happened, there was nothing to lose now. That’s why as soon as he got to his house, he made his way inside and locked the door. Panting, he slid down to the floor and covered his face with his
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