Frankenstein And Individualism Essay

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As a movement preoccupied with self-expression, the Romantics held an inherent fascination with individualism and the faculty of imagination, perceiving both to be of the utmost importance and as such desired it to be conveyed in their art and literature. Such innovative ideals was the product of exceptional changes in society, as oppressive institutions and practices were contested, and art became a product of an individual’s emotional state and their imaginative capability. George Byron’s poem “Prometheus”, conveys these aspects, through its elevation of ordinary people and in exemplifying the Romantic attitude that art should always originate from the imagination. Similarly, Edgar Allan Poe’s short story is fascinated with these concepts, though it showcases their darker depths, as it depicts the emotional extremities of an individual and the ability for the imagination to become consuming. Hence, Byron and Poe explores notions of the self and the imagination in their respective texts due to the Romantic fixation of each of these ideals.

The Romantics regarded ordinary people as significant in society and as such sought to elevate them through their art and literature. Whilst the ruling class thought ordinary people were inferior, Byron held them in high esteem and as such due to the revolutionary zeal of the time, opposed these institutions that oppressed them. He
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“Prometheus”, displayed an empowerment of ordinary individuals and expressed his perspective that imagination was central to the creative process and thus should remain unrestricted. Similarly, “The Tell-Tale Heart” conveys Poe’s fixation with an individual 's emotional capability and the darker aspects of the imagination. Evidently, each text is a reflection of these Romantic ideals and seeks to convey the author’s own attitude towards
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