Frankenstein And Rebellious Robots: A Comparative Analysis

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Both stories, Frankenstein and Rebellious Robots have a few similarities and some differences. Rebellious Robots is the story of Frankenstein but it was written in modern day. Frankenstein is about a guy who thinks the monster he created is in his room, but there ends up being nothing there. Rebellious Robots is about a guy who created a machine that does his chores and it backfires. The author put a spin on Frankenstein and created Rebellious Robots by using new characters and a different point of view. Both texts include the theme of runaway technology. In Frankenstein the main character, Victor, created a machine, which he called a monster. On his way back to his dorm, he dreaded seeing what he created in his house, he said, “I dreaded to behold this monster, but I feared still more that Henry should see him.” But, when he arrived the creation wasn’t there. It ran away. In Rebellious Robots the main character which is Dev, created a robot that does his chores for him. But, at one point the machine malfunctioned and it started throwing plates everywhere. Both of the devices malfunctioned. One ran away…show more content…
The narrator is the one telling the story. But, the narrator describes more of Greta’s feelings and thoughts. In the story, Greta has more emotions than Dev. The story uses “Greta and Dev,” instead of “I and me.” Frankenstein is told in first person limited point of view. It states, “My hand was already on the lock of the door before I recollected myself.” The author uses “I and me.” The different points of view affects the reader in a few ways. In Rebellious Robots, it affects the reader greatly. It doesn’t show much of their feelings because it is in third person. It describes Greta’s feelings more than Dev’s. But, it still doesn’t tell much. In Frankenstein, it does not really include what he created. The author doesn’t tell much of how Henry feels. The story is mainly directed on how Victor
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