Frankenstein And The Sniper Analysis

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Why is it that throughout history killing and death affects people differently? Most people have different motives for killing animals or other people. Some kill for defense, others kill for food/survival, and others kill for sport. Whatever the reason is for killing, there is always a motive behind it. Sometimes the people that kill regret what they have done and wish they could go back and undo everything they did. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Liam O’Flaherty’s “The Sniper” the motives for killing are both similar and different. In the short story “The Sniper”, the sense of pride the Republican sniper has for his side of the Irish civil war has filled him with the urge to kill the Free Staters. In the middle of the story when the…show more content…
While he is traveling he sees a girl running playfully away from a guy and she slips and falls into the river. Frankenstein tries to saves her but she is dead, then the young man takes the girl from him and shoots him in the shoulder while he tries to pursue them. “Inflamed by pain, I vowed eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind” (Shelley 101). He is in so much pain and loneliness that he hates mankind and plans to have eternal revenge on all mankind and especially Victor his creator. Also the monster shows hatred vengeance towards mankind when he burns down the cottage of De Lacey. “A gush of tears somewhat soothed me. But again, when I reflected that they had spurned and deserted me, anger return, a rage of anger; and, unable to injure anything human, I turned my fury towards inanimate objects” (Shelley 99). He is so angry that the family has left the cottage after seeing him that he knows he can’t take his anger out on the family but he can on the cottage itself.
The book Frankenstein and short story “The Sniper” have a couple differences but they also have some similarities. In Frankenstein the monster has so much hatred towards Victor and humanity and in “The Sniper” the man has a kind of hatred for the Free Staters. Also at the end of the story they both feel bad about what they have done and want it all to end and stop. This is shown
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