Playing God In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was her way of protesting scientific advancement in her time. She saw science advancing at a violent rate and didn’t know when people would stop and think about where it could conclude. Her way of expressing her frustration with the people of her time was through the book Frankenstein. She portrays Victor Frankenstein as society, being too focused on the product to really see the result of their actions. In the beginning of the book Victor Frankenstein is so focused on being the first to reanimate life, he didn’t stop to ask if he should be trying to play God. Throughout the book he slowly regrets his actions, however it is too late to change anything. Mary Shelley wrote this way to show how if we aren’t careful about what we are trying to do, mostly playing God. She warned that if we kept acting the same, we would push it too far and regret what we had done, with nothing we can do but watch the consequences. At the start of the book, Victor Frankenstein was hellbent on accomplishing his goals. He wanted to be the first person to reanimate life, and…show more content…
He knows what his monster has done, and more importantly he knows what he has done. He finally starts debating with himself if what he created was a mistake. When he finds William dead he thinks to himself “Nothing in human shape could have destroyed that fair child. He was the murderer.” (Shelley 60) After he thinks this, he immediately self reflects on what he has done. Not only has he created a murderous being that is not human, he was proud and boastful about it. This is the point in the book Victor first begins to think about destroying his creation. It takes a family member to get murder to finally get to Victor’s head about what he has done. From this point in the book he starts to think of ways to destroy his monster, which starts to show Victor’s regret for what he's
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