Frankenstein Chapter 1 Quotes

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Reading Notes Chapter 5 • Frankenstein succeeded in bringing the creature to life • Pg. 43 “His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was of a lustrous black, and flowing; his teeth of pearly whiteness…” – Frankenstein describes the appearance of the creature • Frankenstein becomes scared of what he created and immediately regrets what he did, and runs out of his apartment • While outside he runs into his best friend Henry Clerval, who had come to enroll at the university • They return back to the apartment to find the creature gone, Frankenstein is relieved and overjoyed hat it is gone and falls down. Henry nurses him back to health pg. 47 – Frankenstein asking for help • Henry urges Frankenstein …show more content…

Pg. 180 “ little happiness remains for us on earth…” • Once arrive in Geneva he plans to marry Elizabeth in ten days. They get married and they go the Villa Lavenza for their honeymoon. Still recognizes the threat the creature has over him • Pg. “But death were no evil to me if the loss of Elizabeth were balanced with it, and…” • Themes Present: hatred/Revenge – lack of isolation: Family relationships Chapter 23 • On the Eve of their wedding night upon arriving at Villa Lavenza, Frankenstein was startled by every sound. • While Frankenstein was searching the halls of the inn, Elizabeth goes into the room. Frankenstein hears a shriek and runs in to find Elizabeth brutally murdered by the creature. • Pg. 186 “She was there, lifeless, inanimate, thrown across the bed, her head hanging don and her pale and distorted features half covered by her hair…” • Victor sees him out the window and draws out his pistol and shoots → misses → people run after the creature • Frankenstein returns home to tell his father the news → he was shocked with grief and dies a few days later. Pg. 189 “…In a few days he died in my

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