Frankenstein Ice And Cold Analysis

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In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a motif very commonly used is ice and cold. Ice and cold can be used to represent the mental instability and inhumane activities throughout the story. Ice and cold can also be symbolized as lack of love and death throughout the story. Throughout the story there are many events of someone dying or of inhumane activities. Ice and cold also represent isolation and seclusion which occurred very often throughout the story. The reason ice and cold represent instability and inhumane activities is because Victor first created the monster in a very cold, icy place and also in the season of winter. Ice and cold also represent lack of love and affection which was in the case of the monster. The second the monster came to life Victor is filled with the horror at what he had done. “How can lips.” This shows Victor realizing the inhumane activity he has done and how mentally unstable he has become. Ice and cold symbolize death in the story because someone always died by someone's hands. Usually it was the monster who killed someone and it happened in a cold and isolated place. Also at the beginning of the story, Walton is exploring the icey cold…show more content…
Shelley introduces Victor isolated and within the cold and ice. Ice and cold are represented as a symbol of death since Victor is dying and also the dog he was with dies. “It was, in fact...and suffering.” After Victor is brought onto the ship, he asks Walton what he is doing. Victor notices how alike Walton is to him when searching for knowledge and gives him advice on the matter. “You seek for knowledge...has been.” Victor says that he wishes that he finds the knowledge Walton is searching for but that he doesn't fall victim to it and fall into despair and pain from it. Ice and cold are very big motifs in the story and they both can have different symbols depending on the context they are used
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