Frankenstein: Importance Of Family

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#14 Shelley emphasizes the importance of family and suggests that the monster would have turned out differently if he'd had people around him who loved and understood him. But the rest of the world would still have hated and feared him. Would a loving family really have prevented tragedy? Mary Shelley emphasized the importance of family in her novel, Frankenstein, and suggests the monster would have turned out differently if he had people around him who loved and understood him. Shelley fell victim to an overwhelming number of tragedies throughout her short life. She experienced a substantial amount of sorrow and heartache after losing her first three children to disease. The novel, Frankenstein, displays the author’s sorrow in great detail.…show more content…
Victor Frankenstein creates the fiend in his laboratory on a stormy night in Ingolstadt. The monster is composed of parts and pieces of different humans that had passed away. With this being said, his creation is disgusting and horrifying. Due to his appalling appearance, the monster is unable to have a relationship with another human. He is tormented, beaten, and screamed at regardless of his originally pure and innocent demeanor. Even after he is abandoned and shunned, the monster still shows signs of promise and hope that he will gain acceptance. There are four main instances when the monster’s main wish is to have a loving family or partner; when he invites Victor to his cave, when he approaches old man Delacy, when saving the girl drowning in the river, and when he meets William Frankenstein in the river. Unfortunately, all of these instances only increased the monster’s anger, as the humans still ran him off, even after he provided generous services to many. If the monster been a member of a loving family, the tragedies that ensued would have been…show more content…
Victor, being scared of most things, immediately runs away after first giving life to his creation. This initial reaction harmed the monster and later forced him realize that he is not wanted by any human, not even his creator. Sadly, Victor did not get the opportunity to witness the monster as a kind and gentle soul. He was not aware of the kind deeds that he was completing for strangers. He only knew the monster as a murderer that killed his brother, best friend, and wife. After months of trials and tribulations, the monster was unable to find any human willing to accept him. If the monster had a loving family to call his own, the tragedies in the novel, Frankenstein, would not have
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