Frankenstein In Need Of A Hero Analysis

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In Need of A Hero (A Discussion of Frankenstein's status as a ‘hero’ in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) Mary Shelley's famous novel Frankenstein raised many questions during its rise in popularity. One of the main questions was where did Mary Shelley get her ideas? Some have debated that she was inspired to write the story because of a real Dr. Frankenstein.However, the more the more accepted explanation for her spooky idea was that her inspiration came from a dream she had after a night of telling ghost stories. Taravella from CAlifornia State University states in her essay Mother of Frankenstein saying, “In her preface to Frankenstein Mary Shelley admits that her main goal was simply to write a ghost story.” Another main question raised by the novel is who should be blamed for the monsters evil actions. Some argue that it’s the creator's fault, reasoning that he's the one who created him even though the monster never asked to be created and treated so terribly. However, other argue the opposite. In light of…show more content…
As previously mentioned, one main question invoked by the reading of this novel is whose fault is it that many terrible things happened as a result of the monster's creation. Is it Frankenstein's fault for making the monster or was it just bad luck meaning he had no control? Regardless of whether or not Frankenstein was guilty for the crimes of the monster or not, he created a hideous and scary monster, he didn’t help him. He cause all of the events to unfold. So maybe the blame does fall on Frankenstein. This is not the qualities of a hero. Causing the destruction and harm instead of stopping it. Richard Cronin states, “Victor, however, grows up a little indulged and perhaps because of this, he is selfish.” Frankenstein clearly didn’t think about others when he created this monster. He had selfish wants to explore science and created something he couldn’t
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