Frankenstein Inciting Incident Essay

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In Frankenstein, directed by James Whale, I believe the 'inciting incident' is a combination of events that happens shortly after we see Frankenstein's monster alive. The monster walks into the room while Frankenstein is talking to the doctor, who, of course, thinks the creature is dangerous and evil. Because of his scientific discovery, Frankenstein is like a child who just got a brand new toy that no other kid has. He is excited and showing off his monster. He attempts to prove the monster is harmless and childlike as the creation is only a few days old and is still learning. The monster shows he understands Frankenstein who leads him into the room and tells him to sit in the chair. When the light is shown on the monster, it is awestruck and memorized by the light as it was kept in the dark in its entire existence. Once the monster raises its arms, it becomes obvious, at least to me, that he yearns the light, needs it. Sometimes, when a person desires something and can't have it, it becomes an addiction which is what might have happened with the monster.…show more content…
The fire causes clear distress to the monster. It fears the flames. After backing away, he attempts to attack the torch and thus Frankenstein and the doctor fight to restrain it. During this scene, and just after, we see the cruelty of Fritz. He uses the fire to try to scare the monster back and then proceeds to use a whip. This combination of the need for the light, and fear of the flame (which gives off light) possible causes confusion for the monster's childlike mind. Add in Fritz who is hateful towards the monster and you have a formula for disaster. The reason being, a deep craving plus fear and cruelty, equals the monster attempting to do anything to escape from the abuse and get to the thing that makes it happy. People hold it back and become an obstacle it must overcome. Not knowing any better it kills to accomplish its
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