Frankenstein Informative Speech

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This Baby Was Born on Halloween and his Last Name is ASTOUNDING! It’s one thing to have an unusual name on Halloween. It’s entirely another thing is having this unique name and being BORN on Halloween! Two days ago the world welcomed another little monster (man, remember that movie?) into the world: Oskar Frankenstein, born at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. In a charmingly ironic and bizarre turn of events, little Oskar decided to wait a whole four days past his due date in order to grace this world with his presence on the perfect date. It remains to be seen whether or not this is a good thing for the little man, but it will certainly be the most interested birthday story at any party. Congratulations go to Kyle and Jessica Frankenstein of Winter Park, FL. Interestingly enough, he is the first baby of the family to born on Halloween – certainly an omen, and hopefully a good one!…show more content…
And while Frankenstein’s monster took less than an hour to come into this world, young Frankenstein (remember that one, too?!) put his mother through 14 hours of labor. No word on whether or not there was a thunderstorm the night of the birth but after this interesting coincidence we certainly can’t rule anything out. Speaking of interesting birthdays, it appears that Oskar has an aunt who shares the same birthday (August 30) as the original Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley, who wrote the original novel more than a century ago. I do wonder, though: will baby Oskar opt to throw birthday parties or go trick-or-treating…or both? Cake and candy on the same day – it’s every kid’s dream! I hope this kid can get a good dentist, especially from October to
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