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“One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought.” A quote from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. This quote embodies one of the central themes of the story. How much knowledge can man obtain without jeopardizing himself or others In Frankenstein, How does knowledge affect a man? Victor the main protagonist creates a monster who begins to haunt his everyday life. Victor comes from a privileged family. He has an extensive education in science, and decided to dedicate his life towards it. Victor had always had the desire to learn the secrets of nature. He makes the excuse that he can't help himself as a way to escape responsibility, he believes that he was born this way. This is what …show more content…

Whether it was Victor playing god or his tendencies to become overly invested in his work. It cost him a great deal of strife, he creates a monster that would eventually lead him to lose his life. The monster has taken the life of Victor's friends and family. Specifically his brother William. This point in the story caused Victor to feel the most grief. He felt ashamed by what he had created. As the monster begins to feel more neglected he vows to confront Victor. He demands that Victor create a spouse for him, Victor agrees. When Victor doesn't fall through on his promise the monster threatens Victor. This leads to the falling action where Victor become paranoid and suspects the monster will attempt to murder him. After his wedding the monster proceeds to murder Victor's wife. Victor then sets out to take the monsters life, he fails and ends up on Robert Walton's ship, where he dies. The main events of the story involve a back and forth confrontation between Victor and the monster, which ultimately leads to his …show more content…

How much knowledge can Victor obtain without jeopardizing others? This applies to Victor Frankenstein when his brother William is killed by the monster he created. By creating the monster and disregarding it, he fueled the fire of revenge, and the monster set out to hurt the ones he loved. Over the course of the story, this same theme comes up in a repetitive fashion. The author shows this theme in several instances. One being after Victor marries his beloved. The monster makes an attempt on his wife's life, and succeeds in killing her. Victor again loses another loved one even further showing how he jeopardized the lives of his loved ones with his eagerness to obtain

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