Frankenstein Lost Souls Quotes

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In stories there are significant objects that help the book move along, and without the objects the book would go no where. There is two objects in the book Frankenstein Lost Souls by Dean Koontz. Also in the previous book I read Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl there was a very significant object in that book as well. In the book Frankenstein Lost Souls one crucial object to the book was the needle gun. “From under his jacket, he withdrew a pistol-like device. He pressed the muzzle to the mayor’s left temple and pulled the trigger. Instead of a bullet, the gun fired a needle that pierced the skull and penetrated the brain to a precise depth” (Koontz 9). This object was used to instert a device in peoples so that they are under the control of their clone. Also with this device the clone can transfer memories from the original person so they can adapt to the originals way of life to make sure they don’t appear to suspicious. This object is one of the most important because without it the clones wont be able to take over and the book wouldn’t become more interesting. Another key object in the book is the money bag. “Although encumbered by the shopping bag–which was most likely full of money– and the attaché case containing the trade secrets that Beckmann had been selling” (Koontz 27). Due to this money…show more content…
“’We found this locket in the garden behind the great house. We don’t know who it belonged to, but it looks really old.’” (Garcia & Stohl 89). The locket made them look more into their past and find out information about eachother. Ethan had kept the locket with him through out the whole book. The locket gave Lena and Ethan visions of their past. Amma and Macon Ravenwood freaked out whenever the subject of the locket came up. Obviously it was an important object in the
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