Frankenstein Message For The Modern Age Analysis

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Frankenstein’s Message for the Modern Age Frankenstein’s message for the modern age is to do experiments with caution, and to not mislead others about scientific matters. Discussing the issues that it raises for the society; scientists should try to minimize any effect their work can have on people, animals, and the environment. We will learn about the many lessons that can be taken and applied to the 21st -century world, which will help us as global citizens to know our responsibilities for others. The lessons we can take and apply to this 21st-century world are that knowledge comes with risks and we should understand and know the downfall that comes with science. Also, parents should mold their children at a young age and be responsible for them. In Frankenstein, Victor thought if his parents controlled what he read he may have chosen a different path. Other lessons one can apply to the 21st-century world are that our intention is not as good as doing good. “I murdered her. William, Justine, and Henry--- They all died by my hands,” says Frankenstein. He did not mean to kill anyone, he had good intentions but something good did not happen, therefore, consequences were to be taken.…show more content…
One’s personality or inside appearance should not be determined by their outside appearance. The monster was treated differently because he looked different, but if one got to know him he might have been a kind, caring person instead of a vicious person. If Frankenstein realized his responsibilities for others, his citizens, he would not have made this vicious monster, or Frankenstein would have given it the nurturing it needed to be a good person. As global citizens, we should understand the risks we can put each other through with our scientific, social, or personal life decisions. Our responsibility for others could be to help one to grow up as mature, kind, effective
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