Frankenstein Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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The nature vs. nurture debate is a philosophical, scientific, and cultural, debate about what causes an individual’s actions, personality, and most importantly their behavioral traits. Nature can be defined as someone’s influence from genetic behaviors, while nurture is caused by someones environment and experience. Nature is how a person acts based on their genetic inheritance and some other biological factors, they have been proven to be an important factor in the development of many mental health conditions such as depression and being bipolar. Whereas nurture affect those mental health conditions where a person develops that illness depending on their environment. Frankenstein can be seen as a prime example of the Nature versus Nurture…show more content…
Victor despises the creature the moment he made it come to life using electricity. Shelly gives a detailed explanation for the “demoniacal corpse to which had so miserably given life to” (). Shelley once again uses the symbol of light to show a spark in curiosity. The creature is “overcome with…the warmth I experienced from it. In my joy I thrust my hand into the live embers” (). Due to the pain the creature experiences with the fire he seeks out to learn human knowledge. As the creature goes on he finds a family who lives in a cottage. The family is horrified by his appearance and most of them flee except for one of the boys who “violently with a stick” strikes the creature (). The creatures curiosity leads him to abuse and cruelty and he instantly labels all humans as being that way. This experience allow the creature to realize his lack of a nurturing environment. When he meets Frankenstein’s younger brother he is called an “ogre” and a “hideous monster” (). Being constantly mistreated and not understanding why, causes the creatures to do such ill deeds. The creature begins killing and hurting others due to being faced with violence himself. The creature may have shown compassion to others if he had been taught compassion
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