Frankenstein Peripeteia Essay

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Along with the aforementioned characteristics, he also demonstrates peripeteia, anagnorisis, and catharsis. Peripeteia is a sudden shift in plot line which is shown through Victor creating monster and how he almost becomes fatally ill. Frankenstein runs into his old friend Henry which gives him relief and hopes of sanity which could also be seen as forms of catharsis. The shift of Frankenstein’s gloomy outlook to this joyful relief shows the frustrations and trouble Frankenstein had with creating his monster. Later in the novel Frankenstein finds out that his brother has been murdered. When arriving to his family, Frankenstein sees his monster lurking in the woods and he is emerged with the guilt that his monster because he realizes that the…show more content…
Due to his great mass of knowledge on subjects relating to science, he is cursed with this as his tragic flaw. He can not control this but it ultimately leads to his downfall. However, Victor's obsessive need to discover the creation of new life and to actually go through with this leads him to the point of ignoring his family and friends to focus on his project. The consistent use of third person while Victor is speaking of himself only helps to further this point. “I ardently desired the acquisition of knowledge. I had often, when at home, thought it hard to remain during my youth cooped up in one place, and had longed to enter the world, and take my station, among other human beings” (Shelley 25). This quote shows that he is driven by the passion he has for knowledge and is willing to defy all odds against him. With his great source of knowledge he pushed past boundaries that were not supposed to be crossed. The saying “curiosity killed the cat” is very formfitting for Frankenstein himself. “New and unfamiliar knowledge, however “good” or “bad,” can only be troubling to those who are unacquainted with its origins. The scientist needs to recognize that all knowledge has a monstrous quality and the only way to introduce knowledge is to demonstrate it, that is, to display it and in doing so, to demystify it” (Raunch). This quote only furthers the point that Victor should have attempted to
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