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Plot X Characters X Theme Setting X Conflict Magic Three X Dash X Quotes from book Quotes from movie Similarities Differences A Introduction: Beginning the third quarter of my senior year in highschool, the honors english class of 2018 was introduced to our third new teacher of the school year. Her name was Mrs. Plasschaert and her presence portrayed rays of wisdom, sarcasm, and intimidation. As soon as her job began, so did our never-ending assignments reflecting on the Mary Shelley novel of Frankenstein. Our overall goal after reading the book and watching the movie was to be able to compare and contrast them. So we opened our novels, plugged in the movie and dove into the famous story of Frankenstein. B: The first few chapters of the…show more content…
In the book, Victor Frankenstein is deep in isolation while awakening the secret of life and refuses to claim the creature as his. In contrast, Henry Frankenstein in the movie is intent on showing off the man he created and brought to life and even allows an audience consisting of his friends to watch. Following the footsteps of the creature, the conflicts begin to evolve due to the creation’s actions. In the book, the creature has the ability to speak and educate himself, but still has issues with the discrimination shown to him by town members. Therefore the first conflict arises, man versus nature- the creature is in conflict with the unknown aspects of the world and he is left to travel the world alone. Due to this inability to adapt to the prejudice, the creature reacts with revenge and kills people both close to Victor Frankenstein and those who are strangers to him. The first main killing of the creature is William Frankenstein, Victor’s youngest brother. As a result, another conflict arises, man versus man- the creature is in conflict with his creator. This back and forth revenge story between Victor and his creation, the last conflict arises, man versus self- Victor is in direct conflict with himself because he is drowning in the guilt and fear over the result of his…show more content…
This act feeds into man versus nature, the monster has no idea how to react to the unknown in the world and creates internal frustration. The last conflict that is created in the movie is man versus man, when the creature kidnaps Henry Frankenstein, nearly kills him and it shows how he is ultimately in conflict with his creator. D: Approaching the end of both the book and movie, the drastic differences are seen and the theme becomes relevant to the readers and viewers. In the film, Henry Frankenstein escapes the monster’s trap, Elizabeth lives after the monster attacks her during her wedding, and the monster dies in the building that catches on fire. Despite the different endings, the themes throughout the book and movie are revealed. The main theme is the consequences that occur when playing God and the overall issues that occur due to extreme isolation and lack of personal

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