Frankenstein Quotes Justice Essay

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Justice is a never ending debate between who is justified correctly, since there are many points of view toward a story, not everyone coincides or approves a person's belief in justice. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor seeks its own justice for the errors he committed. Victor Frankenstein responded to justice in a significant way because the character’s only way to get justice was to get revenge. For example, in the novel Victor The monster killed everyone Victor ever loved while the only thing Frankenstein ever did was create him, in exchange of this the monster killed William, Clerval, Elizabeth, and his father. The consequences brought to the monster for its actions were that now if Frankenstein ever believed he could change and become more compassionate were ruined. Also, this lead to Victor’s dedication to ending with the monster’s life until the rest of his life. The results were that because Victor was so dedicated to kill the monster, he died trying to do so and could never take justice by his own …show more content…

An example to this could be that when Victor tried to get revenge from killing Elizabeth, he was correct in trying to take justice from his own hands and kill the monster himself. It was correct because Victor was the creator whom had given him life, but could also end his life. The consequences of trying to get justice for the rest of his life were that he became isolated and distant from the outer world. In effect, this isolation affected him in the way that his health deteriorated and now he had less time in his life to accomplish his revenge. In result of this it brought his unsuccessful attempt in obtaining revenge and keep his promise to his loved ones in killing the monster. This demonstrates that Victor was only successful in looking for the monster, but did not succeed in killing him and obtain his way of

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