Frankenstein Reflection

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Frankenstein Written by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein features a creation gone awry in a classic, poetic piece of literature. Shelley paints a dark, sinister book which hopes to expose humanity as bleak and exclusive. Starting off, a man named Robert Walton sends his sister Margaret several letters detailing his adventure as the captain of a ship sailing towards the North Pole. Walton notes that he met a man by the name of Victor Frankenstein, whom he found stranded after attempting to catch another sledge pulled by dogs on a stretch of ice. Once the crew of the ship rescues Frankenstein, he details his life over the past (time interval) to Walton as he recovers from ailments only partially suffered from his encounter with the frigid weather. After this small portion of the book which Walton 's letters encompass, Frankenstein narrates the rest from his perspective (years ago?) in (where is heee). Frankenstein 's dialogue begins with his life, telling all about his close relationship with the once-orphaned Elizabeth, whom Frankenstein 's mother intended for his marriage as well as (countless) other details about his childhood. At seventeen, right after his mother dies, Frankenstein departs for Ingolstadt to further his education, finding his interests in science, particularly about natural philosophy taught by scientists deemed outdated by the professors. Frankenstein starts laboring tirelessly on a living being at the expense of his own health and sanity, and at his work 's
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