Frankenstein Revenge Theme Analysis

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One of the themes in the story Frankenstein is “anger creates the want of revenge”. In Frankenstein this is shown when Victor thinks constantly of the monster on his wedding night, the monster kills Elizabeth because of Victors action, and when Victor chases the monster because of the monster’s action. I read a story once about a girl named Abby in fourth grade, she was learning cursive writing. They would have competitions to see who could write the best and the fastest. Abby was up against a girl named Taylor Brown, she beat her because she was a little faster. Abby was so upset because her teacher at the time did not allow them to verse each other again, Abby knew she could beat her! How do you think Abby got her revenge on Taylor?…show more content…
When Victor did this the monster was watching and it made the monster very angry. Because of what Victor did the monster stated, “ I SHALL BE WITH YOU ON YOUR WEDDING NIGHT.” this is showing that the monster vows to get revenge upon Victor. So on Victor's wedding night his nerves are running at an all time high, and he is looking around because he knows the monster has to be there somewhere. Elizabeth, Victor's wife, wanted to go to sleep because she was tired out because of the wedding festivities. Victor had said goodnight to Elizabeth and let her rest. As he was leaving he heard a shriek come from Elizabeth’s room, he realized the monster had killed Elizabeth. The monster killing Elizabeth, which is Victor’s wife, causes Victor to be hurt and very angry with the monster. Victor then tried to kill the monster by attempting to shoot him with his pistol. When Victor misses, he shows the guests which way the monster ran and they all hunt for him, he was not found. As stated in the story, “This idea made me shudder and recalled me to action.” Victor’s anger caused him to want revenge on the monster so he spent the rest of his life chasing down the monster, to kill
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