Frankenstein: The Relationship Between The Creature And The Creator

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The Relationship Between the Creature and the Creator Rough Draft Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley goes in depth to the theme of the relationship between the Creature and the Creator. Categorized as a gothic novel. Victor Frankenstein develops an interest in science after reading about the "wild fancies" of several noted alchemists who live hundreds of years before him. He maintains driven by ambition and scientific curiosity. His quest for absolute knowledge and power will eventually end his own ruin. Frankenstein created a Creature that later resented him for his creation. The unnamed Creature believes that Frankenstein should have to pay for the damage he has done. The Creature and Frankenstein develop a contrasting relationship throughout the novel and end in somewhat compassionate relationship. Frankenstein created a Creature out of recycled parts which resulted in the creature not being highly appealing. This created the Creature and Frankenstein to have an intense hostile relationship from the …show more content…

Both of the characters Frankenstein and the creature had contrasting motives throughout the novel. Frankenstein wasn 't really seeking for a main thing as the creature was seeking for companionship. In "Frankenstein: Creation as Catastrophe" Paul Sherwin states "Creatures utmost desire is that another reciprocate his need for sympathetic relationship." The creature just wanted someone to love him and care for him. Someone that he could depend on. The creature blamed Frankenstein that nobody will ever be able to reciprocate the feelings that he contains. In "Frankenstein" Mary Shelley states "Wrap yourself in furs and provide food; for we shall soon enter upon a journey where you will satisfy my everlasting hatred." This is the Creature speaking to Frankenstein. The Creature instructs and attempts to control Frankenstein as he feels that Frankenstein owes him. The Creature makes it his dying mission to create misery in Frankenstein 's life like he has

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