Frankenstein Villain Or Villain

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Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Victim or villain. His intentions were good but his reactions were bad. Did he make the monster evil? Or was this gonna happen anyway? Has he died a good scientist or has he failed? This man has either made a killing machine or has he been more affected by this gruley monster? The monster was originally meant for good intentions. Frankenstein-” I’ll harness it. I’ll study it and master it and make it work for mankind”. As relieved by Dr Frankenstein all he wanted to do was making something out of this great electricity. He was always curious as a little kid and now he finally gets to use the electricity in a big secret project. He had no intentions of hurting anyone.Frankenstein really wanted to use the electricity in something great. But ended up with something unfortunate.Frankenstein-”I didn 't create you to do evil-why have you betrayed me!”. As can be red in this. Frankenstein tells the monster he wasn’t meant for evil. He had betrayed frankenstein in the part that the monster had turned evil and wanted something back in return for all the pain and suffering the monster has had. He was really hoping that making the monster would help more discoveries. He is an innocent being called a villain.”Frankenstein I’m astounded. This is the greatest discovery of the age! A wonderful piece of work!”. Clerval his friend Know that this thing he was discovering was gonna be magnificent. As seen by this quote he didn’t think this was evil he thought
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