Frankenstein Vs The Outsider Analysis

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Frankenstein v. The Outsider
Compare/Contrast Essay
Meadow K. Link
Ms. Ekx’s Adv. Language Arts
Fourth Hour

“Frankenstein” and “The Outsider” from Collections Grade Eight appear extremely far from each other at first glance. Upon examining the main characters, plot, mood, and theme, the differences and similarities become easily distinguishable. The presentations of these stories shows surprisingly strong ties between main points.

First and foremost, the fictions teach us about the characters. In “Frankenstein” we are faced with a being created by a scientist. Both characters are shown as kind, misunderstood monsters, seeking knowledge. “The Outsider” creature sees no kindness, as the people run away from him. This is stated on CR27, “Scarcely had I entered...the whole company... evoking the most horrible screams... madly fleeing…” This is separate from “Frankenstein” as a mob chased the undead being away. Similarly, the unknown outsider has rotting flesh, and came from an underground castle, while Frankenstein is created from cadavers. Unsurprisingly, both creatures stay mostly away from humans, favoring solitude over screams of horror or anger. This differs when Frankenstein meet the old blind man, “...but he escapes and comes to the thatched cottage of an old, blind man…”(CR31) The blind man shows him kindness, as he cannot see the ugliness of Frankenstein. Both characters are
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During the climax, both experience a negative side effect of interacting with humans. The resolution to both does not feel complete, but in that way, it is accurate, as life will always have its ups and downs. The first poem of “Frankenstein” has a kinder plot, letting the monster know happiness, while the second half is more cruel, leaving an unresolved agony, the character does not appear
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