Frankenstein's Failure Daniel Dakotz Analysis

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Frankenstein’s Failure Summary
In the article “Frankenstein’s Failure” by Daniel Kokotz, he claims that Victor Frankenstein was so wrapped up with the ambition to be the first to discover the secrets to life, that he failed to realize or think about the negative effects that come with creating a human being. In the article, Kokotz gives an expose of the novel “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus”. Kokotz had an interesting view of Frankenstein's motives, he implies that in the story Frankenstein had completely innocent goals, but they end up haunting him. In fact, his dreams were even generous in nature, as he hoped to better humanity by eliminating death and disease. Daniel Kokotz also suggest that Frankenstein’s desire to enhance human nature and discover ways to improve it is not a new idea. The author provides the reader with examples such as the “Epic of Gilgamesh”, in this tale a hero dedicates his life to finding a plant that will grant eternal life. Kokotz uses this story to further prove that Victor’s hope in his discovery of life is not too crazy or over the top. Though Victor Frankenstein’s goal was to further scientific enhancement, he was very naive and simply did not anticipate the negative repercussions his scientific findings would bring.
Daniel Kokotz believes that Victor Frankenstein's motivation to
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The author explains how Frankenstein's ambition for discovery takes him on the opposite path that he planned to go. I do believe Victor Frankenstein failed to see his flaws in his experiment with life and he could have been more mature about the way he handled the monster. Victor Frankenstein failed to realize that something that is desired is not always
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