Frankie Manifesto Conflict Essay

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Throughout most of Frankie’s life, he has been struggling just to get by. His life never finds rest with so many conflicts that are going on all at once. In The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom, Frankie has finally left Spain for the United States. He is leaving his whole life behind him to get away from the war in Spain, even if it means never seeing Baffa or El Maestro again. Many things go wrong for Frankie, which as a result, causes real conflict for him. Three very important conflicts that will be discussed in this journal are the war in Spain, the teaching troubles with El Maestro, and Frankie finding out the lies that Baffa told him about his mother.

The most influential conflict in Frankie’s life at a young age is the war that is happening in Spain. Every part of Frankie’s life could have changed if the war had not started. It was everywhere because Spain had a brash leader: “Spain was under martial law, and anything that offended
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El Maestro is an incredibly strict a difficult teacher to learn from, especially when he is drunk: “After every song, the man would take a smoke or drink from a bottle of wine” (Albom 42). Despite that, Frankie is assiduous to put up with his teaching styles. El maestro will not even let Frankie touch a string until after a year of listening to different music. The first guitar that Frankie played on made him devote his whole life to playing it. El Maestro once brings up the idea that learning to play music should hurt, because beautiful things often come with a price. Although this man may have many difficulties, however, he has a lot of information that Frankie can use to play guitar. When the soldiers take Baffa, El maestro takes Frankie to live with him. I believe that the conflict between El maestro and Frankie truly brings them together at the end. For these reasons, I believe that this is a very important
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