Frankie's Short Story 'Uncle Epic'

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The protagonist is Frankie. The antagonist is Frankie 's parents and the police. Lou is Frankie’s sister. David and Rory is Frankie’s friends. This story takes place at a city in Minnesota. It is spring in Minnesota.
Frankie and his friends start doing street art around the city. They did this because they were inspired by an unknown artist Uncle Epic. Uncle Epic is known as the “unknown artist” because he makes art on the streets. He doesn’t want people to know who made the art on the streets. That is why Frankie and his friends begin to do street art on the streets of Minnesota. They want to continue the mystery of the unknown artist which is Uncle Epic.
Frankie made a fake Twitter account named Artist Miss Vixen. He did this to represent
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The art they made is a paper mache penis. This art was on live television like on the news. The art has a sign that said, “SUCK ON THIS!” It was Uncle Epic’s request to make the art. Frankie and his friends took their time into making a big piece of art that wanted to send a message to people.
Frankie got caught making art by the police. The type of art he made is a statue. He used mannequin parts to create the statue. The mannequin parts were from Uncle Epic’s home. He wasn’t home so Frankie left a note saying, “Thank you for allowing me to use your mannequins and stands. I will take good care of them. I will also be over to use your sewing machine later today. You are a god and I am not worthy. Humble thanks again, Frankie Neumann.”
In the end, Frankie takes the art that he made from his room to the living room. During his free time he made regular home paintings however, with monsters in them. He hung one above his couch in the living room. His mom loved what he did to the living room. It makes him known for who he his and what he loves to make. The art he put in the living room was bigfoot sitting on top a farmer’s home. The farmers were running for their lives. While the farmers are running away, bigfoot was drinking
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