Franklin Crabbe Character Analysis

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A hero is someone who is courageous and willing to take great risks. Ultimately, the hero triumphs over danger and is successful in their quest. In literature, the hero is greater than ordinary people, which Franklin ultimately proves. Franklin Crabbe is the hero of William Bell's novel Crabbe and his life struggles motivate him to embark on a quest to discover who he truly is. Despite all the challenges he encounters along his journey, Franklin with the assistance of Mary Pallas, is able to overcome all the challenges he faces along the way. Lastly, Franklin matures in his ability to be independent and self-efficient while also securing a job. In William Bell’s novel, Crabbe, the hero myth is developed through the protagonist’s quest obstacles, and eventual maturity. To begin with, Franklin decides to pack up all his items and clothing to disappear and run away from his problems that he encounters on a day to day basis. Franklin grew up in a house where he was told what he thought or how he should think and wasn't asked. "Sometimes words don't count. Words are too easy to ignore, misunderstood, or twist around. Sometimes you have to act and sometimes so dramatically, people are stunned, stopped in their tracks. I wanted to do something that would symbolize what I thought or how I felt" (Bell, 19). Franklin was sick of his life because he was sick of the future that everybody had planned for him and nobody consulted him about. He wanted to be free, to opt out of the plan. Franklin had worked out every little that made the rest easy. He planned his 'escape'…show more content…
Franklin transitions from having everything planned for him to reality where he encounters each difficulty but learns from them and moves on. He matures and accepts that running away doesn’t solve any problems other than create
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