Franklin D. Roosevelt: An Economic Savior

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt: An Economic Savior
The great president Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity - or it will move apart” (“Roosevelt Quotes”). He said that we will either make great strides as a nation or fall dramatically. This means that America was in a state of great despair, and something needed to be done about it or everything would collapse worldwide. Also, he thought that he had the perfect ideas on how to pull the country out of a time of great downfall and give America back the hope it needed to thrive. Franklin D. Roosevelt benefitted modern society by proposing the idea of
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Roosevelt had on the economy today was his proposition of a new outlook called the New Deal. One of his promises he made in his Inaugural Address was to make a move in creating programs to help the unemployed. He called this plan the New Deal and got started right away after Inauguration Day (“New Deal’). His promise being carried out immediately shows the people that he is serious and motivates them to help and change the big mess that America was in. One of the main principles of the proposition of the New Deal was the fact that he was determined to create public jobs as a bandage for the unemployment crisis. These jobs would get the unemployed off the streets and back into the working society. One of the most remembered programs that came out of the New deal was the Tennessee Valley Authority (“New Deal”). It started the building of hydroelectric dams which helped create electricity, stop flooding, and most importantly, create jobs for the unemployed, and therefore boost the plunging economy. Therefore, the New Deal was very beneficial in bringing the large number of unemployed back into society and ultimately boosted the…show more content…
The most important contribution involving human rights for Roosevelt was hum trying to save the European Jews as they were being persecuted (“Human Rights”). He cared about people being treated horribly even though he had no experience being persecuted like they were, and he still showed lots of sympathy. He talked about his concerns about the Jews early on, but it was mostly ignored because of the current economic situation. He kept pushing for equality and justice, even when people did not listen. Even after the war broke out, Roosevelt still tried to save Jews fleeing from Europe (“Human Rights”). This shows how he helped human rights along by trying to create a safe place for people who were being treated unjustly and unfairly. In conclusion, the world is a better and more just place because of the contributions made to human rights because of
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