Franklin D. Roosevelt: Benefits Of The New Deal

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The New Deal The New Deal was a series of policies put in place by Franklin D. Roosevelt(FDR) in 1932 to steer the American economy back in the right direction. This included agencies such as the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and The Agriculture Adjustment agency. Most Americans were for The New Deal, and confident that it would work. This was one of the biggest reasons FDR was voted into office in hopes that he could help not only the country, but capitalism itself recover. There were many good things about the New Deal. During this time of year it solved many of the problems in America. It also helped many of the unemployed find work. Thousands upon millions of people were relieved. They now had food, shelter,…show more content…
This caused another problem by wrecking the relationship with factory owners. It did some good and some bad in this area, but more than it did good it began to cause strife with not only the factory owners, but the African Americans and farmers too. Both these groups of people did not benefit from the New Deal. Persecution toward African Americans began to increase as the working conditions improved. They lost their jobs and were considered to not be held high enough to fit into society. As for the farmers they felt like they were being completely controlled by the government and strongly disliked it. The government would dismiss farmer’s crops being burnt and useless. The government did this to control over production. Not only did the government do this, but also at this time they were working their way from a drought. This was disastrous, and their problems we not fixed. Overall the New Deal was a great concept, but it wasn’t meeting all the requirements that needed to be in place. The depression was so greatly widespread that something else had to be done. FDR had come up with a new plan to restore hope and confidence to the American people. FDR created a platform so that America could trade again return to pre-crash levels. Finally America entered World War II and this to some people became known to of saved
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