Franklin D Roosevelt Fdr Essay Outline

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Franklin D. Roosevelt or “FDR” as he was commonly called, was elected the 32nd president of the United States. He served the longest presidential term in American history, from March 1933 to April 1945. Roosevelt showed great determination throughout his life, even lessening the crucial effects of The Great Depression and leading America through war with Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt also created programs/laws called the new deal that changed everything in the United States His response to the challenges he faced throughout his presidency made him a defining figure in American history. FDR was born in January 30, 1882, in A city called “Hyde Park”, NY. His parents were Sara Delano and James Roosevelt. As he grew up he became interested…show more content…
Roosevelt died on April 12,1945 because of a cerebral hemorrhage. His casket was carried to the railroad station, accompanied by over 2,000 soldiers from the Fort Benning. Along the way citizens turned out to pay their respects for the passing funeral train. There were full Military honors from the railroad station to the White House. During his funeral three volleys were fired over the grave and taps were were sounded as the casket was placed in the final resting place. FDR was a very important person who accomplished many things during his time as president. He worked to make the economy of America better, and didn’t give up until he did exactly that. The overload of work he did trying to improve the country is what caused him to develop the disease. The world was in shock. This changed the United States and Nations put together. When the nation fell apart he took action for it and made it better for everyone. People took his death very personally because everyone loved him as a president. After serving all those years in presidency he accomplished his goal, making a huge difference and ending the Great Depression. He saved many people in the country from being out on the streets and made America stable again. He shown pride and success in being the president if the US. He stopped the stock market crash. FDR piloted the country successfully through the Great Depression and World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt showed great determination in his years, even when he
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