Franklin D Roosevelt Inaugural Address Analysis Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, in his first inaugural address, expounds how America will combat the Great Depression. Throughout his address, Roosevelt attempts to boost the morale of the American people, give them the confidence that situations will ameliorate, unite the country, and make it known that he is working alongside them. He adopts a concerned yet uplifting tone in order to develop a sense of trust and hope in the American people. Roosevelt commences his address by sparking optimism in the listeners and assuring he will give them nothing but complete candor. He provides citizens with a sense of comfort by affirming that the nation “will revive and will prosper.” He enlightens Americans that fear is making matters worse and the only thing they “have to fear is fear itself.” Roosevelt provides this information in order to revitalize the nation “in these critical days.” By attempting to appease the somber emotions of the American people, Roosevelt translates his commiseration for and belief in the nation. While Roosevelt is showing compassion for the Americans and attempting to uplift spirits, he does not downplay the situation. He stays true to his promise of candor by admitting “the dark realties of the moment.” By doing so, Roosevelt expresses his personal…show more content…
He implicates that he “shall spare no effort” and is “prepared under” his “constitutional duty.” Roosevelt expresses his efforts in order to appease the nation and illustrate that effort is needed from everyone. By ensuring the people that they are not left alone to solve this problem, Roosevelt effectively relates and unites citizens. In conclusion, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt attempts to rejuvenate the emotional state of American citizens throughout the Great Depression.. He presents ideas of resilience, possible through unity and hard
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