Franklin D Roosevelt Informative Essay

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Franklin D Roosevelt “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. - Said Franklin D Roosevelt in his First Inaugural Address. I think that franklin D Roosevelt was scared and knew the United States were scared and he needed to put hope into America’s heart. Franklin D Roosevelt served as president from 1933-1945 and is the only president elected four times in a row. And I am going to tell you the important impacts he gave to America. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born January 30th 1882 to James and Sara Roosevelt. As Franklin got older he went to Groton school where he made average grades but didn't quite fit well with the other students. After he finished groton he went to Harvard College where he averaged a “C” in his classes. But he still …show more content…

Franklin was narrowly elected and gave him confidence that his political star was rising. He believed in progressive government and instituted a number of new social programs and by 1930 Republicans were being blamed for the Great Depression. Franklin sensed opportunity and began his run for presidency, Calling for intervention in the economy to provide relief, recovery and reform. His upbeat, positive approach and natural charm helped him defeat Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover, in November 1932. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first impact was that he worked with Congress to get budgets approved and systems modernized to have greater Military forces. This helped in World War 2 to help get better naval weapons and better equipment for soldiers in battle. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second impact was that he used the invention of the radio to keep Americans hopes up during World War 2 and called his radio show “Fireside Chats” in which case he used to talk to people over the radio instead of revealing his paralysis, and in which case he earned great trust through this with America. And Franklin D. Roosevelt’s third and final impact was that he produced the “Alphabet Agencies” such as the AAA, Agricultural Adjustment Agency, to support farm prices by reducing agricultural production through subsidies. Or the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, which employed young unmarried men to work refurbishing public lands

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