Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial Analysis

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When you stay close to Washington D.C and you get an assignment on Sculpture, the only thing that might put you in dilemma would be the wide variety and several options. Every sculpture in DC carries great significance in American history. Each monument throws light to a particular period or a person that played a remarkable role in the history. The sculpture that I choose was of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fala, one of the nine sculptures built as a part of
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

The Sculpture Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is one of the most famous and largest memorials in D.C dedicated to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was one of the renowned president of United
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The memorial was designed by architect Lawrence Halprin between 1977 and 1994.
He choose five well known sculptors to accomplish his work. The construction happened during
1994 to 1997 in 7.5 acres. The design consisted four room concept. This was mainly done in order to portray his four terms of administration.

The sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fala was done by Neil Estern. It is a life size
Running head: Public Sculpture 3

bronze statue of Roosevelt with floors composed of stones and granite. In the sculpture,
Roosevelt is seated in a chair. The back of the chair is carved with roses which is said to be a reproduction of a real chair that he used at his home Hyde Park. In the sculpture, he is wearing his cape and his wrists resting on arms the chair. Towards the left of his statue, one can see the sculpture of the Scottish terrier, Fala. Fala is said to be most famous white house pets and was a regular companion of Roosevelt. He was gifted by Mrs. Augustus G. Kellogg through his
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