Franklin D Roosevelt Persuasive Speech

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office through one of the most challenging times in American history; the great depression. This was a time when jobs were lessening and the country was in need of a boost. Being our president, many people look up and rely on the actions of him. In this specific time, President Roosevelt needed to put himself in the position of a fellow American citizen as well as remain his leadership role as president. To give the country the little boost of positivity, President Roosevelt constructed his broadcast that aired on October 22, 1933. Within this broadcast, the president used rhetorical techniques such as reminding his audience that he will help the country overcome this difficult time, and by using metaphors and repetition to convey his uplifting message to his audience. At the very start of his broadcast, Roosevelt begins with a strong tone. Throughout his entire broadcast, Roosevelt is speaking of the improvements that will be made to help the “average citizen.” By saying these words Roosevelt remains true to democracy in the country. He does not specifically refer to himself but he refers…show more content…
“The whole picture, however- the average of the whole territory from coast to coast-the average of the whole population of 120,000,000 people- shows to any person willing to look, facts and action of which you and I can be proud.” In this excerpt from his broadcast, President Roosevelt repeats the saying “the average.” By repeating this, this specific term is engraved into his audience’s mind. After mentioning the use of “the average,” Roosevelt shows nationalism when referring to how we as Americans should be proud of what our country is. He acknowledges the matter of the great depression but he does not forget to mention the good that this country has and what makes it
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