Franklin D Roosevelt Qualities

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Problems, or adversity, has occurred in everyone’s life at some point, but there are certain qualities that not only conquer adversity but create great leaders in the process. It takes the opportunity to become your own leader in order to overcome adversity and many qualities help provide this opportunity. However, by exercising these qualities, ordinary people show great potential by demonstrating these qualities in difficult times. Leaders from both the past and the present have conquered adversity using qualities such as resilience, courage, and motivational skills and have risen to be well respected leaders in their own aspects of life.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt showed his exceptional leadership by producing an attitude of resilience from his problems. After a successful political career, President Franklin Roosevelt was confronted with a serious illness demonstrated in “On August 25, 1921, Dr. Robert Lovett, diagnosed Franklin D. Roosevelt with polio. Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to remove himself from his beloved politics in order to rehabilitate.” In this example, it is clearly seen that Franklin D. Roosevelt had to make sacrifices in order to give his state the governor that it needed to be successful. Although it pained him, Franklin D Roosevelt had to bounce back from the illness in order to do what he loved. Through resilience and good cheer, he was able to
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They were regular people who faced adversity like everyone else but choose to use certain qualities to become a leader of their own lives. This decision caused them to be successful in their lives and produce even more leaders from their example. Through their example, they have shown that if we possess positive qualities such as resilience, courage, and self-motivation, it is possible that we can all grow to be good leaders as
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