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Hannah DeClue Ms. Dippold American History, 5th April 10th, 2018 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Franklin Delano Roosevelt was America’s thirty-second president. He led the United States through World War II, and the Great Depression. Roosevelt greatly influenced the expansion the powers in the Federal Government, by using the New Deal. Unfortunately in 1921 he was afflicted with polio, which causes paralysis. He served four terms, with a total of 12 years, until his death in 1945. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born January 30th, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. His mom’s name was Sara Roosevelt, and his father was James Roosevelt I. He was raised as an only child, though he did have a half brother, James Roosevelt Roosevelt. The Roosevelts were a very wealthy, well-known family. They were often very involved in their community. When Roosevelt was around 14 years old, his parents sent him to the Groton School. This was the first actual school he’d been too, since he had always been homeschooled. Groton was a private school that taught the sons of some…show more content…
Which is where he met his wife, though he didn't know it a the time. Her name was Eleanor Roosevelt, and she just so happened to be his cousin. They got married in 1905, and right around that time he began to attend Columbia University Law School. After graduating Roosevelt became a lawyer, and found work in a New York firm, as a clerk. In 1910 Roosevelt accepted the Democratic nomination for the New York senate, and he was elected; in 1912 he was re-elected for the same position. Roosevelt became close with Woodrow Wilson by supporting his presidency campaign. Wilson helped Roosevelt out by persuading his Secretary of the Navy into allowing Roosevelt to serve as the assistant secretary. Franklin loved being assistant secretary, however he began to get bored and felt uneasy in his position. Then he ran for U.S. Senator of New York, with the Democratic
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