Franklin D. Roosevelt: The New Deal

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It is extremely hard to pull an entire nation out of a giant economic meltdown. In 1933 During the heat of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the New Deal with the intent to extract the nation out of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was the period of time from 1929 to 1941 when the stock market crashed and millions of citizens were left jobless and miserable. The New deal consisted of three categories that all were designed to help the nation. These categories were Relief, Recovery, and Reform. Each category included different programs that helped the working, struggling, and starving citizens of America. The programs included, for example, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration,…show more content…
In 1933 on May 7, Roosevelt gave a speech via a “fireside chat”. In this message Roosevelt promised to give jobs to one quarter of a million of the unemployed. “First, we are giving opportunity of employment to one-quarter of a million of the unemployed, especially the young men, to go into the forestry and flood prevention work…” (Roosevelt). Franklin D. Roosevelt came through with this promise and did much more by giving jobs of not just specific genres, but all kinds of jobs to millions all through the country. Also, Roosevelt even thought of benefiting the Native Americans. Even though he didn 't solve all of their problems, he definitely helped them economically. “Congress is authorized to appropriate $10 million from which loans may be made for the purpose of promoting the economic development of the tribes” (Stevens). As seen evident by this document, Roosevelt aimed to help absolutely everyone he could, including Natives, which made the New Deal a success. Some may argue that the New Deal was not a success because it failed to put a complete end to the great depression. However, because of the effort made to give millions of people jobs and boosting the country 's economy, the New Deal made the Great Depression more bearable and maybe drew the end
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