Franklin D. Roosevelt's Contribution To The Great Depression

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The Great Depression not only one of the most significant crisis, but also left an unforgettable mark in United States history. Back in the late 1920s, the UNited States suffered a major and sudden decline in the U.S. economy which would ultimately be the fate of millions of people. A primary contribution to the cause of the depression began with poor government decisions and actions. Ever since then, the government strove in their efforts with the hope of restoring the economy. Among them was a new president who to some was a new hero and his name was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He implemented many new ideas and ways, helping the government in all their works. All of these efforts eventually proved to be a turning point on how the federal government…show more content…
The country was introduced with revolutionary consumer products while also experiencing significant changes in the society, culture, and government. At the same time however, this is also a time when the government did not necessarily possess the correct mindset thus resulting in poor decision making. FOr example, before Roosevelt came into office in 1932, one of the Presidents that led the nation was Calvin Coolidge. During his presidency, he thought that it would be the best to have a “laizzes-faire” mentality in which the government should be less interfering with business. In other words, he wanted to have a free-market capitalism so that the people who are poor get a better chance at being successful. (Doc 1.) The problem with allowing the people to this is if there is a certain time where things get out of hand, then the people will have a stronger reliance on their own abilities to handle the problems. Also, faith in the government would be lost since they would not be doing anything. Like when the Stock Market Crash of 1929 happened, people were so quick to retrieve their savings from the bank because this was their own will and were scared about what will happen to their savings without the government’s assistance. There was a lack of trust between the government and the citizens. Therefore, a path towards a lot of “Laizzes-Faire” would eventually
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