Franklin D. Roosevelt's Legacy

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Franklin D. Roosevelt grew up in Hudson River Valley, New York. The Roosevelt family was a well known and wealthy family. During Franklin's childhood, he had to live by strict rules and was an only child. He attended a private elementary school that was primarily for wealthy families. Franklin was not top of his class but strived to please others. He attended Harvard University, and in his last year of university he married his fifth cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt. They eventually had six children. After he left Harvard, he got a job in a law firm but shortly after he ran for New York State Senate and won the seat as a democrat in 1911. Another big opportunity came two years later when he was offered to become the assistant secretary of the navy.…show more content…
He had this because he spoke to the citizens regularly, through the radio or with speeches. Roosevelt wanted the best for his people. He believed that individuals could be trusted to know what was best for them and wanted to help them achieve that goal.

While Franklin was in power he tried to preserve the social contract but with a two front war and the depression he had to cut some corners. He did change a some rules of government and few of the rules are still here today. He changed it by applying a “new deal” and the “first hundred days”. While in power he did and did not change the contract but in the end made things better.
Franklin wanted a mixed economy because he did not have the courage to change everything and yet he wanted what was best so he made a compromise the First Hundred Days. It was the beginning to fixing what the depression brought. FDR kept the social contract and made it so the mixed economy could allow for the citizens to make their own choices with minimal control.
Franklin d. Roosevelt was a good leader because of all the actions he took in a successful effort to free the people from the shackles of economic destruction and the terrifying world war ll. He was very well appreciated for his work that he was elected four times as president of the United
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