Dbq New Deal Analysis

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In this paper we will be talking about The Great Depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. We will be looking at 8 documents that are all about the topic. One of the documents is a political cartoon. Another one is a flyer about social security but we will get in to this later.
Document A is from Meridel Lesueur in the magazine New Masses. “Yet there must be as many women out of jobs in cities and suffering extreme poverty as the are men.” What Lesueur is saying is women and me are in equal numbers if they are in poverty. “They obviously don’t sleep… under newspapers in the park.” What he is saying here is that most women don’t sleep there. “There is no law I suppose against their being in these places but the fact is they rarely are.” He is pointing out that there's no law about it but women are rarely in these places/
Document B is from a letter written by Senator Robert Wagner. “Nearly every public statement from Washington is against stimulation of business which
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United States. “It is plain that these requirements are imposed in order to govern the details of defendants’ management of their local business.” Hughes is talking about how the requirements are imposed to govern manage their business. “Their wages have no direct relation to interstate commerce.” Huges is saying people who are working wages that don’t have any relations to interstate commerce.
Document G is from a radio broadcast by John L. Lewis on December 13, 1936. “The strikes which have broken out… especially in the automobile industry, are due to such “employee trouble”.” In this sentence Lewis is blaming the strikes on employee trouble. “Huge corporations, such as United States Steel and General Motors… have no right to transgress the law which gives to the workers the right of self-organization and collective bargaining.” Lewis was saying Big companies to bypass a law about people being able to
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