Communication In Pearl Harbor Speech

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Disasters are something that we do not want to happen,however in the events of the tragedy of Pearl Harbor,The Challenger,and 9/11 these are all events that we had to cope with but the president had to find out the best way to communicate with grieving americans.So in all of the situations they spoke in a speech trying to reach out to americans and help them recuperate from there negative feelings and mend their minds to a normal state.While people can be affected by events words change people and healing is a great step in the grieving process towards their full support and understanding to the situation.Communication is used through all of society and in our most critical times we can use history to give us aspiration and the forgiveness knowing they died in a honorable way.Let 's go check out how these situation were handled by these 3 presidents. Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech on a horrific event this was Pearl Harbor,a awful even in 1941 witch managed to kill more than 2400 americans(according to newsela or source 1)all before 2pm.These puts many families in grief because of the deaths of husbands wifes kids all killed in that attack ; however the president has a job to
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