Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Franklin Delano Roosevelt stopped the Great Depression and led us through World War Two, making him a really great and awesome president. He was president from 1933 to 1945. He has a memorial because he was such a great president. Franklin Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. His wealthy parents, James Roosevelt and Sara Delano, had only one child. He had brown hair and he was six feet two inches tall and had blue eyes. He married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on March 17, 1905. He lost the use of his legs due to polio and he had to use a wheelchair. He was self-conscious of being seen in his wheelchair so he tried to learn to stand up and use leg braces to help him walk. After he graduated…show more content…
There are many statues and murals that represent major events that happened during his presidency. The memorial is in Washington DC and it was designed and built by Lawrence Halprin in 1997. Some other sculptors whose work is included in the memorial are Leonard Baskin, Neil Estern, Thomas Hardy, and George Segal. It took 20 years for the memorial to be finished. It has 21 FDR quotes in all and 2.8 million people go to see it each year. His pet dog “Fala” is the only presidential pet to be memorialized. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt loved Fala in fact he was even buried beside him. He even got his own place in the memorial, beside Roosevelt. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted his memorial to be small, about the size of his desk, but it turned out to be monumental in size. It has lovely waterfalls, is made out of South Dakota Red granite, and it sits on the cherry tree walk. One memorial shows Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats where he communicated to citizens over the radio. There is also a statue of the First Lady, his wife, Eleanor who was famous for work in the United Nations and many humanitarian groups. Born October 11, 1884, she soon became famous by helping add to human rights in the United States. She was the longest serving first lady of the United States. She was an American politician, diplomat, and
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