Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Impact On The Great Depression

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Before the 1930’s, no one knew that an impending doom to the American economy would happen. The Great Depression was an extremely tough time in America’s economic history with invested stock prices plummeting, paying jobs being very scarce, as well as having citizens be scared for America’s future-- little did they know that the next president would help to make the economy recover. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 22nd president of the United States from 1933 to 1945. He helped to strengthen and comfort America during two major events in American History. His law, the New Deal helped to reform the United State’s failing economy while helping people find jobs during this tough time in the 1930’s. With the rise of WW2, President Roosevelt began to send war supplies and services to the ally soldiers fighting on the battlefield. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt focused on fixing America’s quivering economy during the Great Depression by comforting America during this crisis using Relief, Recovery, Reform, writing the New Deal, and helping to comfort Americans during the beginning of WW2 which impacted America’s society in many ways. The Great Depression affected citizens across the United States, jobless men roamed the cities trying to find some sort of work for to help their family, farmers and businesses became bankrupt, and many people blamed the former president, Herbert Hoover for not doing anything to help solve the economic depression. After Roosevelt
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