The New Deal: Relief, Recovery, And Reform

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Before the 1930’s, no one knew that an impending doom to the American economy would happen. The Great Depression was an extremely tough time in America’s economic history with invested stock prices plummeting, paying jobs being very scarce, as well as having citizens be scared for America’s future-- little did they know that the next president would help to make the economy recover. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 22nd president of the United States from 1933 to 1945. He helped to strengthen and comfort America during two major events in American History. His law, the New Deal helped to reform the United State’s failing economy while helping people find jobs during this tough time in the 1930’s. With the rise of WW2, President Roosevelt …show more content…

During one fireside chat, he talks about Relief, Recovery, and Reform which was his plan to address the problems of mass unemployment during the crisis. Some agencies helped the Relief, Recovery, and Reform Act. Prior to the New Deal, President Roosevelt did fireside chats on the radio to help calm down and ease citizens into what he was going to do to stop the depression. “...I believe most important, it reorganized, simplified and made more fair and just our monetary system, setting up standards and policies adequate to meet the necessities of modern economic life... behind the currency of the United States” (Relief, Recovery, and Reform). This was the first step President Roosevelt made to stop the depression. It showed that he wanted to find ways for unemployed people to find jobs by creating standards and policies which meet up with the expectation of American workforce, as well as strengthening the economy. Furthermore, the Relief, Recovery, Reform act is separated into three categories. Relief is the first concern, it deals with taking …show more content…

The New Deal sparked a revolution between the federal government and its people. One thing that helped the New Deal gain popularity with citizens were alphabet agencies. Alphabet agencies were made to combat the Great Depression and helped by handing out food, clothes, and creating jobs. Following the positive effect of the Relief, Recovery, Reform act had on the public, Roosevelt decided that it is best to try new ideas like alphabet agencies to help the common American man find a job to support his family. “In 1932, Roosevelt campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination on a platform of proposed public spending and relief programs, promising a "new deal" for the beleaguered American public” (Ryan 1). This soon became a policy. This “new deal” policy helped to make resources available to people who couldn’t afford much while helping the government get back on track. It raised the industry’s production levels. After Roosevelt’s first term being president, he with because he had great intentions of bringing the country out of the depression by using his new deal policy. “Roosevelt was re-elected in 1936 on the strength of his popular New Deal initiatives. Although the economy experienced a slight recovery in the mid-30s…” (Ryan 1). The new deal was very popular with American society.

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