Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal During The Great Depression

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The Great Depression start on October 29 1929. The Depression was a time of economic downturn resulting in many people losing their jobs, house money, etc. The Depression started with the crash of the Stock Market which quickly spread its way through America. Herbert Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt predecessor believed in an economic philosophy called Trickle Down Economic meaning that if a Business does well the whole economy benefits. During the beginning the depression very little businesses succeed so still no people benefited from a quote unquote flourishing business. Soon after Hoover came Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) who introduced the New Deal which did its best job in trying to once again create a stable well functioning…show more content…
When FDR introduced his new deal slowly but surely everything returned the the status quo. In the beginning of Roosevelt 's presidency Unemployment was at 25% at the cessation of his presidency it was at only 5%. This is proof that his new deal was worked because people now had jobs in society. FDR introduced many government agencies that still exists today some of the most important ones being the FDIC ( it insure up to 250,000 dollars) and the SSA ( an agency that gives money to the unemployed, retired, and disabled) not only did these agencies help people during the great depression they still help people now; for example without the FDIC people would be losing thousands of dollars every time the stock market crashed people would have lost thousands of dollars; also it is quite possible we would still be in economic turmoil. FDR helped everyone in America, one group of people that he dedicated time and money to are farmers. The AAA an agency that decreased the surplus of food raising farm goods helped farmers get more money for their farm goods. Another agency introduced through the New Deal was the TVA which electrified the Tennessee Valley with schools, healthcare centers, factories, etc. This benefitted people living in the Tennessee Valley, once again proving that the New Deal was a Success. FDR did the best he can trying to restore Public Confidence in banks with a bank holiday that let FDR look over banks for four days to make sure that thy healthy enough to reopen. This let public know that the banks that were open were good banks and that why they weren’t closed. Overall the New Deal benefited everyone bankers, farmers,
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