Franklin Delanor Roosevelt: The Qualities Of A Hero

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A hero is somebody who inflicts a positive change, either for their community or towards the world. Heroes require certain qualities that will cause them to be their very best. These qualities include extreme willpower, motivation, giving your best effort, durability, and independence. Although many people think it’s hard to be a hero, there have been many ordinary men and women throughout history that have influenced the society we live in today.

Willpower is when things are looking at their worst, when you think that you are ready to give up, when nobody believes in you, you get right back up and use every last bit of your strength to make an impact. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is one of the biggest examples of this. When he was elected, Franklin was presented with the biggest economic crisis the world had known. Millions of people were terrified, starving, impatient, and doubtful that America would ever recover. The pressure was placed on FDR to fix an almost impossible problem. However, despite polio and many other dilemmas that struck our country, FDR stood alert and ready to create a
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To be durable means to be able to take whatever problem is thrown at you, weigh any stress that comes upon you, receive any punch thrown at you, and still get back up and fight even harder. Someone to exemplify this trait would have to be Gandhi. Gandhi was given all kinds of trouble by the British government due to his peaceful protesting. He was sent to jail, beaten, and starved almost to death. When the people he lead in his peaceful protest struck with violence, he would not eat until the conflict was resolved peacefully. This shows how tough and determined of a person he is for his cause. After he had fasted nearly three times, Gandhi still got up and fought for India’s freedom, and much to his relief, India was finally freed. If Gandhi had been phased by any of the problems he faced, India may not even be a free country
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