Franklin Roosevelt's First Fireside Tract

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Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to communicate over the radio, using it to speak directly to the Americans in his “fireside chats.” Roosevelt had broadcasting equipment permanently moved into the White House so he would be able to broadcast from inside the White house.His first broadcast was on March 12, 193 During the 1930s, most households owned a radio. Obviously listeners could not actually see him and he was not actually next to a fireplace but listeners really enjoyed it. One listener stated, “it was like the president with his voice, came into your house, calling us friends.” In his first fireside chat, Roosevelt explained his recent decision to close all banks for an extended holiday.During the March 12 broadcast, president franklin thanked the public for the good temper everybody had accepted in the banking holiday decision.Not everyone cheered for the bank closure. Some saw the action as an indicator of the president's eagerness to invoke privilege. However, the bank closure did avoid another financial crisis and franklin's management of the crisis and his reassuring fireside chat boosted the public’s confidence in…show more content…
If he knew what the right way to use it was there would be no problem with him using it. He needs to control what he says. He might say something offensive to another world leader and start a war. He needs to understand that there are right and wrong things that a president should say. He can’t be offensive with the things he says, gives confidential information away in one of his tweets and he also can’t act like he knows everything (as seen in this picture below). Twitter could make everything great or it can mess up thing that America has but lots of effort into. Sooner or later he needs to see that not everything can be said on twitter. With one click of a button he tweets something on twitter and there is no going back after
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