Franny And Zooey Essay

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Franny and Zooey Franny and Zooey an influential novel about how religion and phoney people do not mix. J.D Salinger goes back to his ways with phoniness by making the people Franny goes to school with all phonies. The family has to deal with how much smarter the kids are than the parents, and how they have been corrupted by the religion they were taught when they were little by their brothers. Salinger is stating that too much religion and problems in the family can cause what Franny is experiencing, which is a breakdown. Franny who in the beginning of the books begins to have a breakdown won 't stop having her breakdown because of the religious book she has been reading named “The Way of the Pilgrim”. This book which affected Franny in a religious…show more content…
Zooey is newly introduced into the story and he is not preoccupied by religion, Zooey eventually tells his mother about his sister Franny 's problem, Zooey hates that his older brothers Buddy and Seymour had taught them so much about religion, it caused him and his sister to not be able to live normal lives. Zooey also tells his mom that Franny had gotten the book “The Way of the Pilgrim” from their oldest brother Seymour who had actually committed suicide. Franny finally talks with Zooey about how they have been corrupted at a young age being taught all the religious things by Buddy and Seymour. The book that Franny had gotten her hands on was not a good choice because she actually ended up believing it which had caused her breakdown. This breakdown helped the story progress because if she didn 't have the breakdown there wouldn 't even be Zooey is very critical of Franny who after talking to Zooey about Buddy and Seymour was criticized about her breakdown. J.D Salinger makes Zooey the guy that always has to say something to cause a problem. Zooey had caused Franny to start crying even more than she already had been, Zooey eventually leaves her alone and tries to trick her by using his brothers private phone line to act like he is there brother Buddy. He tricks her by acting like buddy, but soon after Franny figures out the trick and she just doesn 't care anymore because she is too
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