Franz Kafka Analysis

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This is a story of the writer Franz Kafka, written in 1915. It is a popular work of literature fiction of the twentieth century. It talks about personal issues like: depression, isolation and anxiety. Based on Franz Kafka’s biography on the website (The European Graduate School, 2015). We know that the motivation that he had to create this work was personal. Kafka was a Jewish, he lived like a minority during his early life, and feeling excluded all the time. He studied law in order to please his father, after graduation he worked as a clerk in a law office, some years later Kafka’s father acquired a factory and Franz helped him, this new job led Franz to misery, unhappiness, depression and even suicidal thoughts. During his life, Franz had a lot of troubles with his father; their relationship was very bad and unstable. In his biography on (The European Graduate School, 2015) they mention: “Many view Herrmann Kafka as the archetypal model for many of the antagonists in Franz Kafka’s stories.” The most important characters in this story are the one who conform the Samsa’s family, we have Gregor, Grete his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Samsa, his parents. As indicated in the chart, we have Gregor, he is the protagonist of this story, he was suffering because of his demanding lifestyle, he was a very lonely man, he worked a lot, and no one appreciated him. Then we have Grete, this lady at the beginning is nice to Gregor and she helped him, but then she just got tired and she became rude
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