Franz Kafka Metamorphosis Analysis

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In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka portrays Gregor’s transformation and how his family acknowledges it. In my perspective, Gregor’s metamorphosis represents his change in gender and how he adapts to his changes versus how his family regards them. Gregor pays no attention to his new form of living, he only sees it as a stressful situation due to his family not accepting this change. His transformation is characterized as a metaphor for his new body and that he no longer is the traditional man his family views him as.

Gregor had the responsibility of clearing his family debt and everyone in the family viewed him as working man, when Gregor was sick and could not get out of bed his mom told the clerk that there has to be something unusually
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However, when the clerk came to see why Gregor did not go to work that day and after seeing Gregor’s transformation the clerk ran away which shows how society does not approve of the idea of changing one’s sex. All Gregor wanted to do was be free and accepted, however because of how his family and society saw him as, he would hide in his room and stare out the window longing for freedom. “His father clenched his fist with a pugnacious expression, as if ready to push Gregor back into his room… covered his eyes with hands and cried, his mighty chest shaking with sobs.” (page 217) His father was angry at what had happened to Gregor which made Gregor feel ashamed of who he is was. He isolated himself and would hide under the couch when his sister came in his room because he knew no one wanted to see him as anyone different. Gregor’s room had become an unknown part of the house, the door was rarely ever opened. His side of the room portrayed how he viewed himself as which is shown when he holds on to the picture of the woman with furs. The picture idealized how he wanted to resemble the women. While the family’s living room which was separated from Gregor, had a picture of him in his military uniform which represented how they saw Gregor and how they never came to accept his new
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